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November 2023

Eat Love Live are thrilled to announce that our dietitians Jo Money and Dr Christie Bennett have had their abstracts accepted to present at The International Conference of Eating Disorders in New York in March, 2024!

Their paper presentation - Radical Client Centred (RCC) Framework For Supporting Consumers With Eating Disorders - has been accepted, based on qualitative research they undertook with the lived experience community as part of our sister organisation Eat Love Live Education.

Their poster presentation - Creating Inclusive Eating Disorder Spaces - has also been accepted, looking at the learnings and gifts of advice from consumers in setting up Exhale Consulting Suites to house Eat Love Live, Eat Love Live Education and the colleagues we're luckily enough to share the space with. 

In addition, Jo will also be part of a panel discussion featuring international dietitians on, "Sharing the Wisdom: Identifying obstacles and navigating challenges in providing effective nutrition treatment".

A massive congratulations from everyone at the Eat Love Live to Jo and Christie for this exciting opportunity and recognition! Stay tuned for updates on their presentations and news on all things Eat Love Live Education.

Celebrating 40 years of eDV

November 2023

The Eat Love Live team had a wonderful time celebrating 40 years of Eating Disorders Victoria (EDV) and supporting their fundraising efforts at the Melbourne Town Hall on November 18.

Much fun was had by all, with plenty of laughs (thanks to comedian Rhys Nicholson!), some treasures from the auction that came home with us and dancing to conclude the evening. 

We couldn't do our work as Credentialed Eating Disorder Clinicians without the EDV supporting our clients and their families. You can learn more about EDV on our blog here, where Eat Love Live's Clinical Director - Jo Money - shares her personal connection to the organisation and the many reasons to support their 40th birthday.


September 2023

We had such a wonderful time raising funds and awareness for women's mental health as part of Liptember for the very first time this year. Joined by our friends Nic McDermid, Fiona Sutherland and the most on-theme party guest, Poppy King, our month-long efforts culminated in a lipstick themed lunch at Eat Live Love!

Every September the Liptember Foundation encourages people (like our dietitians, pictured) to wear lipstick throughout the month as a conversation starter to discuss the importance of understanding and developing new approaches to gender specific mental illness prevention, diagnosis, treatment, support services and programs. 

Our lipstick lunch was not only an opportunity for those present to reflect on and discuss the ways in which we can support the mental health of our clients and colleagues (while enjoying a delicious spread), we were able to raise $700 through attendance - and counting - for the Liptember Foundation and the incredible research they do!

fat positive practice framework training


We were so excited to welcome fierce advocate and status quo disruptor, Nic McDermid, to Eat Love Live HQ  to run a fantastic workshop for our dietitians exploring her Fat Positive Practice Framework.

A fantastic framework born of her own experience and righteous anger, she’s created a powerful tool to guide the way we support our clients experiencing oppressive anti-fat bias and to contribute to smashing the harmful cultural systems that up hold this bias. 

We pushed past our current understanding of anti-fat bias and leaned into our own discomfort to explore its intersections with white supremacy, neurodivergent and trans experiences. 

Nic is a great educator and provided gift bags, fidgets and her brand new Fat Positive Framework Workbook for all attendees. Such a privilege to spend time sharing space with, and learning from, this wonderful human. 

Nic's training is available online and we recommend it as essential training for all health professionals.

ANZAED 21st annual Conference 

AUGUST 2023 

A welcome break, some of the team headed to the Gold Coast to attend the 21 st Annual ANZAED Conference. Max, Kess, Christie and Jo thawed out and soaked in the professional development and networking with like minded clinicians. 

Kess co- authored a poster with her team at Royal Melbourne Hospital Eating Disorders Unit. 

Reimagining an outpatient day program in an eating disorder service. The clinician experience of program reinvention in COVID times.

Max presented a fantastic workshop with Ari Spanos. A much needed workshop that was greatly attended and received.

The role of Gender Dysphoria in Eating Disorders across the Transgender and Gender Diverse Community.

Christie presented on another important topic not spoken about in conjunction with NEDC. 

Eating disorder presentations and practice considerations for fertility care.

Christie also had a Poster highlighting her work at Monash university.

Scoping Review: Global Prevalence And Educational Strategies To Address Eating Disorders And Predictors Of Eating Disorders In Nutrition And Dietetic University Students

There was lots of discussion, connecting, ideas, debate and laughter! Great to connect with so many people making such an effort to make a difference for people experiencing eating disorders. 


MARCH 2023 

In her role with The Embrace Collective, Dr Georgie Buckley, created an amazing, informative and energetic day conference for a lucky collection of Victorian Teenagers. 

Adelle, Jo and Max all contributed to the day running mini workshops on a range of topics. Read this Body Commentary blog generated by the participants on the day

The body positive expo

march 2023

The Body Positive Expo was a phenomenal day filled with connection, fun, shopping and laughter.

Jo presented a lecture, " So what if you're fat; you still deserve healthcare," while Christie, Marina, Erin, Adelle and Chantal attended, shopped the awesome market, enjoyed lunch connecting with peers and clients and generally had alot of fun! 

The day saw a huge range of people come together to connect and make new friends, try their hand at art, listen, learn and shop for fantastic size inclusive clothing and accessories! 

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