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Client Resources


Low cost resources for eating disorder support victoria 

We have put together a list of the leading organisations providing free or low cost support, resources, education and treatment facilities available in Victoria. 


This is in hopes to ease the process of navigating the wide array of resources and information out there about eating disorders, recovery and treatment available.

Printable PDF Low Cost Resources Victoria 


Medicare Subsidised Eating Disorder Plan Explained

A printable explanation of Medicare Eating disorder care plans to help you understand how to access an initial and subsequent plan. A great resource to print and take to the GP with you. 

Printable PDF Medicare EDP explained

Supporting Children & Teenagers resources

A comprehensive list of books, websites, podcasts, and  online courses for parents,  teachers and health professionals to support children and teenagers to develop a positive relationship with food and body. 

Printable PDF-Children and Teenagers resources


Gender Diversity and Eating Disorders 

A List of support groups, websites and articles.

Printable PDF-Gender Diversity and Eating disorders 


Resources for supporting Autism, ADHD & Eating Disorders

A comprehensive list of websites, videos, articles, studies and social media resources. 

Printable PDF-Autism, ADHD and ED 


No Diet and Body Talk Printable 

No diet and Body image A4 Printable 


Where to Find more information



Online Courses

Social Media 


Books and Audiobooks