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Client Resources


Medicare Subsidised Eating Disorder Plan Explained

A printable explanation of Medicare Eating disorder care plans to help you understand how to access an initial and subsequent plan. A great resource to print and take to the GP with you. 

Printable PDF Medicare EDP explained

Supporting Children & Teenagers resources

A comprehensive list of books, websites, podcasts, and  online courses for parents,  teachers and health professionals to support children and teenagers to develop a positive relationship with food and body. 

Printable PDF-Children and Teenagers resources


Gender Diversity and Eating Disorders 

A List of support groups, websites and articles.

Printable PDF-Gender Diversity and Eating disorders 


Resources for supporting Autism, ADHD & Eating Disorders

A comprehensive list of websites, videos, articles, studies and social media resources. 

Printable PDF-Autism, ADHD and ED 


No Diet and Body Talk Printable 

No diet and Body image A4 Printable 


Where to Find more information



Online Courses

Social Media 


Books and Audiobooks