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Sliding Scale 

There are a number of factors that contribute to our financial access and value, determined largely by the power systems that discriminate against race, perceived gender identity, sexuality, disability, immigration status and socioeconomic status, among many other overlapping sociocultural factors and identities. This is evident within our health systems, which consistently fail to support marginalised communities and people of diverse backgrounds. While we cannot prop up these health systems, we can hope to provide support to the people falling through the cracks. We strive to create opportunities for individuals to access inclusive healthcare and support from otherwise inaccessible services. 

Eat Love Live uses a Sliding Scale as a payment model our practitioners can elect to support clients who cannot afford care otherwise. This is best suited for clients with low income, financial instability or security, extensive medical (or other service) costs and for those facing systemic barriers in accessing care or employment. By providing a lower cost service, it allows clients to be able to afford our services through achievable payments. We acknowledge that our standard fees are not accessible to a large demographic of vulnerable populations and we hope to address that by using a sliding scale approach.

Our sliding scale is intended to encourage people who would otherwise not be able to access our services, to pay according to their available resources. In doing so, we are able to sustain our business while creating opportunities for broader financial accessibility to our services.

Informing Sliding Scale Costs

Best practice [2]

Dietitians Australia professional standards, through the Code of Conduct, outline that all Accredited Practicing Dietitians should:

  • Deliver safe, effective and evidence-based services;
  • Make ethical decisions;
  • Engage in ongoing professional learning;
  • Maintain recent practice hours;
  • Provide a valued and credible source of food and nutrition information.
  • When you work with an APD at Eat Love Live, you can trust them to deliver high-quality dietetic health services.

Intersectional and Inclusive practice

We acknowledge the influence and impact of social inequality and how it is embedded within our society, and how power influences people's access and ability to use services. We aim to recognise and identify the barriers to safety and access to services, and work towards providing a service that is safe, responsive, respectful, inclusive and accessible to all. By providing a Sliding Scale Policy, we hope to address some of the barriers that prevent access to services for those who need it most.

In providing inclusive services, we practice cultural safety and respect by:

  • Providing dietetic services that align with the individual persons' definition of health and wellbeing, and support strategies.
  • Recognising the importance of cultural values and beliefs in our delivery of care and nutrition support strategies.
  • Respecting diversity, avoiding bias and discrimination, and challenging opinions based on assumptions.
  • Acknowledging how our own lived experiences, culture, values, beliefs, attitudes, and assumptions impact how we engage and interact with clients and broader support systems, the community and our peers.
  • Advocating for and facilitating access to culturally safe health services that provide high quality care.

Financial insecurity principles


Precarious employment, low and erratic wages, inadequate and increasingly conditional welfare payments, and escalating living costs are contributing to financial hardship for many people. Further exacerbated by the ongoing impacts of Covid-19. Individuals from diverse backgrounds may face further challenges due to stigma and discrimination impacting their employment opportunities and stability.

We acknowledge that while you may be able to cope, at times there is little financial buffer and capacity to cope with extra expenses. We also understand that circumstances change and you may need support where you hadn’t previously, or vice versa. We encourage you to put your health first where possible and we hope to support you to do this through our sliding scale policy.

For a copy of our full sliding scale policy please contact reception. Ph: (03) 9087 8379

We have a limited for clients using the sliding scale.

The application process begins in the initial consultation and is driven by the client and/or the practitioner. 

Applications are considered after initial consultation to provide informed understanding by practitioners from which action can be taken. 

Please also review our Low Cost Eating disorder Resource which may have some other alternatives for finding support at this time. 

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