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About Eat Love Live and Services:

Eat Love Live is a Team of Accredited Practising Dietitians who specialise in eating disorder treatment, support with disordered eating, non-dieting health management and general health, nutrition and wellbeing.

Eat Love Live was founded by Josephine Money (nee Gibson), a passionate dietitian with an interest in helping others. 

Meet the Eat Love Live Team:

Josephine Money (nee Gibson) (APD) 

Accredited Practising Dietitian
Accredited Nutritionist
Eating Disorder Specialist
Eat Love Live Director  

Josephine is an Accredited Practising Dietitian and director of Eat Love Live; currently working part time as she has three daughters.

Jo has a client centred approach working in private practice providing individual nutrition counselling for over 10 years. Jo has experience across a diverse range of settings including community and public health and in variety of modes including working with individuals, groups and program development.

Jo can support clients with a wide range of clinical medical conditions; though her passion and unique skill set are in supporting people across the spectrum of disordered eating, eating disorders and other mental health issues.

Jo has a non-dieting approach to health management which involves focusing on behaviour change to improve measurable health outcome. Jo aims to support people to improve their overall relationship with food and to reconnect with the body's hunger and satiety cues. Jo employs the Health at Every Size Paradigm in her work.

Jo is passionate about supporting people to reconnect and learn to trust their own intuition around food. We are all born with these skills but our life experiences and the toxic diet culture we live in can mean we lose touch with this.

When faced with illness or a specific health concern or simply looking to improve overall well-being sorting through complex information and advice about diet can require specialist help and support which Jo aims to provide in a compassionate, non-judgemental, supportive environment.

Jo’s experience is from a range of places including Eating Disorders Foundation Victoria, as an employee and latter a board member. Clinically on the Eating Disorders Unit at the Royal Melbourne Hospital and Eating Disorder Program at The Melbourne Clinic.  The Big Girls Group at the Royal Women’s hospital, supporting women with PCOS. Most recently Jo was involved in the development of The Body Image and Eating Disorder Recovery centre (BETRS) in Kew; a joint initiative between St Vincent’s and The Austin hospital.

Jo values working closely as part of a multidisciplinary team (psychologist, GP, psychiatrists) as this is advantageous to positive outcomes for the client. It is important to recognize that many other factors can manifest in negative eating behaviours and food beliefs and that support from medical practitioners, mental health workers, social workers and support for families is important.

Jo has completed professional development in counselling skills, CBT, ACT, Motivational Interviewing, Mindfulness, ASSIST and Mental Health First Aid. This has helped her develop skills in complementary psychological tools in order to assist clients to make positive changes.

Jo engages in regular clinical supervision and reflective self-practice to ensure that she is providing optimum care for her clients.

Diane Rennard (APD)

Accredited Practicing Dietitian
Accredited Nutritionist
Eat Love Live Team Member

Throughout her life Diane has maintained a keen interest in and passion for food and its relationship to health and disease.

Diane is highly skilled in communicating specialist advice in a practical way to people of all ages and at different stages of life. Her experience includes clinical nutrition, group education, group facilitation, health promotion and resource development. Diane has worked in a variety of settings including Community, Private and Public Health.

Diane aims to assist clients to improve their health through better food choices and lifestyle modification. Diane is experienced in providing support for those diagnosed with specific medical conditions such as Type 2 Diabetes, Elevated cholesterol, Triglycerides, Hypertension, Irritiable bowel syndrome, food intolerances and Coeliac disease.

For those seeking advice for general health and well being Diane can provide sensible and non-prescriptive advice about food and nutrition and can assist with dispelling food myths and erroneous information commonly found in the media.

Diane believes that You are how you eat. When assisting client's with weight management Diane uses a non-dieting approach with a focus on eating behaviour and normalising eating, in doing so clients learn how to respond to their body's natural cues of hunger and satiety and to develop a healthier relationship with food.

Diane's key area of expertise is in Eating Disorders and Disordered Eating. She has worked exclusively as Dietitian and Senior Clinician for the Mandometer Clinic in Melbourne, a treatment model for Eating Disorders developed at the Karolinska Institute, Stockholm Sweden. The model is behaviour based and focuses on normalising eating.

Through her training at the Karolinska Institute and her experience working with individual sufferers and their families she and has developed a sound understanding of eating disorders and their treatment. Earlier this year Diane returned to Sweden for further training in the treatment of Obesity.

To enhance her skills in facilitating behaviour change and to gain greater insight into the counselling role Diane has completed professional development in Health Coaching, Motivational Interviewing, Mental Health First Aid for Adolescents and is currently undertaking training in Counselling Skills at The Cairnmillar Institute.

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