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Accredited Practicing Dietitian

Accredited Nutritionist


Areas of interest:


  •     Improving vitality, energy and wellbeing
  •     Pre-conception, pregnancy, babies and children
  •     Health management within a Health at Every Size paradigm
  •     Mental health
  •     Disordered eating and eating disorders


Su Ling has had extensive experience working within evidence based frameworks in nutrition and lifestyle in the areas of paediatrics, mental health and eating disorders in acute, sub acute, clinical and community settings. Su Ling takes a holistic approach to health and is dedicated to working alongside her clients to assist them on their journey to wellbeing. Su ling supports her clients in a curious, kind and compassionate way towards more conscious feeding and wholehearted living.  


Su ling is committed to helping her clients nurture their relationship with their body, food and themselves. Su Ling has an interest in the microbiome and the bidirectional effects on the nervous system, stress, anxiety and depression. Su Ling takes a trauma informed, strengths based approach and will meet you at where you are at.


Su Ling is a mum of two beautiful young children and enjoys spending time in nature, doing yoga and enjoying the simple pleasures that life has to offer. Su Ling currently works part time in community health in the area of paediatrics. Su Ling is currently gaining her certification to become an Organic Intelligence Coach

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