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Waiting List Policy


Over recent times, especially during the COVID pandemic,  in the public and private sector there has not been enough skilled clinicians to service the needs of the community. 


We appreciate the distress experienced when clients attempt to access services and practitioners are unable to accept new clients.  Please note at this time we have some practitioners who are able to accept new clients. 


We aim to provide people with optimum support;  regular review is an important part of this. Practitioners have limited capacity for new clients at some times times so they can adequately and ethically support the clients they are seeing. 


At times potential clients will contact Eat Love Live and the practitioner they would like to see is not available or there may be no practitioners with room for new clients at that time. 


You are able to request that you are placed on the waiting list for a specific practitioner or for the next one available. 


To be included on the waiting list we request that the client continues to see their GP 1-4 weekly (as determined as appropriate by the GP) to ensure medical stability and for assessment of psychiatric risk. Communication from the health care practitioners in the clients team can be forwarded to reception and this will be stored in the clients notes. 


Clients need to understand that these communications will not be closely monitored by a clinician until they are accepted as a client. Eat Love Live are not able to hold any responsibility for the clients dietetic care, medical or psychiatric health while they are on the waiting list and not an active client. 


We request that clients seeking support for disordered eating / eating disorders are also linked to or on the waiting list to see a mental health clinician.


To be on the waiting list you will need to sign a form agreeing to the about commitment to medical monitoring. To find out more please contact reception on 9087 8379 or reception@eatlovelive.com.au