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Pre-assessment questionnaire

If you are considering a consultation with one of our clinicians, a great place to begin is to complete our Pre-Assessment Questionnaire

Before booking an appointment an appointment with one of our clinicians, a great place to get a feel for what we do and our team more specifically is to have a look here. It's so important you find the right fit, and this may give you an idea of who you'd like to work with.

Our Pre-Assessment Questionnaire (optional) has been designed to help our team understand your current needs and lived experience so we can recommend a clinician/s to work with you.

Your responses will also provide your chosen clinician with additional information prior to beginning sessions with you to fast-track the assessment process. 

Click here to fill in form

Take your time completing the questionnaire, and once received, we'll be in touch via email to suggest clinicians on our team available to support you, or to discuss the one you've found online that you'd like to work with! 

In the event we don't believe our clinicians or practice are able to support your current needs, we will make every effort to refer you to a suitable clinician/s who can. 

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