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We are excited to offer Dance Therapy at Eat Love Live to new and existing clients who self-identify as fat or live in a larger body. Dance therapy at Eat Love Live combines gentle movement and talk therapy to support intellectual, emotional and motor functions of the body. 

In the realm of Dance Therapy, the term “dance” does not imply mastering specific moves or being the best groover on the dance floor. It’s not a fitness class or a performance showcase, and there’s certainly no dress code requiring lycra, sequins, or slicked back ponytails - although all are always welcome! Instead, Dance Therapy is about exploring the connection between mind and body, seeking to use movement for wellness.

What takes place in A class?

Our fat positive body image and dance therapy classes feature two types of therapy - dance therapy and talk therapy. 

Classes are 1.5 hours in length, featuring 45 minutes of dance therapy and 45 minutes of group talk therapy.

Dance therapy component

Dance therapy is facilitated by Hadassah David. 

Classes are tailored to those present, with no “right” or “wrong” way to engage. Some may prefer to stay seated, take breaks during the session or even focus on using one body part. How you choose to participate is entirely up to you. We often use props, music and creative processes to bring forth movement, so there are multiple ways of engaging regardless of movement preferences or mobility.

Each class begins with a brief warm-up to some good tunes to connect with ourselves, the space around us and those in the room. Transitioning into the focus of the session, we delve into a theme that guides our movement exploration. Themes may include cultivating body awareness, self expression, connections with others, building healthy boundaries, exploring values and habits, exertion vs. recuperation and listening to the “body voice” among other topics.

Each theme is presented in a structured way with the therapists guiding you every step of the journey. 

Talk therapy component

Talk therapy is facilitated by Dr Jessica Green.

Talk therapy is an opportunity for group discussion about topics important to the group. Past talk therapy topics include dealing with fat phobia from health professionals, dating in a fat body, dealing with family/eating at Christmas and ways to create your own fat positive community. 




Dr Jessica Green (left) is a Senior Clinical Psychologist who specialises in child and adolescent, eating disorders and perinatal mental health support. 

Jessica identifies as living in a fat body and comes to the group with lived experience of recovery from an eating disorder. 

Hadassah David (right) is a Creative Arts Therapist who specialises in the modality of movement and comes to the group with lived experience of recovering from an eating disorder. 

Hadassah is passionate about healing through the art form of dance, be it through her own choreography or creating space for people’s inner worlds to be expressed through movement.


Dance therapy will recommence at Eat Love Live in 2024 (learn more about our location  here)!
Classes (or groups) will run on a Monday night, from 7:30pm - 9pm, on the following dates:
  • Term 1 - 5 Feb, 19 Feb, 4 March, 18th March (4 x groups)
  • Term 2 - 15 April, 29 April, 13 May, 27 May, 3 x week break, 17 June (5 x groups)
  • Term 3 - 15 July, 29 July, 12 Aug, 26 Aug, 9 Sept (5 x groups)
  • Term 4 - 7 Oct, 21 Oct, 4 Nov, 18 Nov, 2 Dec, 16 Dec (6 x groups)

Each term consists of a series of classes (or groups). Participants are required to pay up front for all groups before the beginning of each term.

Each class (group) costs $100 to attend.

Please note: No concession or health care card rates apply however you can access a Medicare rebate (approx. $47.40) if you have a current Mental Health Care Plan (MHCP). Clients can also get a $47.40 rebate for 10 group sessions a year, making each group $52.60 out of pocket.
NDIS participants welcome.


For more information on dance therapy, including how to secure your spot per term, please complete the Contact Form on Dr Jessica Green's website and one of our dance therapy facilitators will get back to you shortly!

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