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Body commentary

Posted By Participants of Activate + Jo ,
Thankyou to the attendees at Activate by Embrace 10th March 2023 in Melbourne. This blog has been created from their brainstorming in one of the workshops.   So, what is it we mean by Body...

Nutrition for joyful movement

Posted By Brittany Andreola ,
The sun is shining, and the warmth on our skin feels lovely – thawing us out from a long cold winter.   With moving into the warmer time of the year, may come sensations and thoughts of feeling...

What is ARFID?

Posted By Caitlin Moran ,
Avoidant/Restrictive Food Intake Disorder (ARFID) is an eating disorder or feeding disturbance that can affect young children, adolescents and adults. It is characterised by a pattern of eating that...

Photos when you are uncomfortable in your own skin! With a focus on formal photo shoots.

Posted By Josephine Money ,
Disclaimer: You have every right to say no to having your photo taken. People should check with you before uploading a photo of you to any social media sites and you have every right to ask them to ta...

Gender diverse people with PCOS: A conversation

Posted By Majella Jones (APD) ,
  Majella Jones ( he/ they) + Christie Bennett ( she/her)   PCOS impacts up to 18% of people with ovaries. Those with PCOS often have higher levels of androgens (hormones like...