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June 2023

Why Eat Love Live does not focus on weight loss

Posted By Erin Murnane,
If you've landed on this page hoping to pursue weight loss, we want you to know we see you, hear you, and your desire is valid.  From our TV screens to our family and friends and even our...

What will happen at a session with an Eat Love Live dietitian?

Posted By Josephine Money ,
The Eat Love Live dietitian will spend the initial session getting to know you. This will involve some questions from us and some from you.  We hope to provide a safe space for people to share th...

What is Music Therapy?

Posted By Madeleine Chiodo,
What is music therapy? Recent music therapy...

How to clean up your social media feeds

Posted By Josephine,
Social media has a much bigger impact on us then we realise. Scrolling through Facebook and Instagram being bombarded with images of bikini bodies, green smoothies and dietary commentary can trigger...