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October 2023

Eat, love, live with ... Bella Davis

Posted By Michaela Skilney,
Content creator Bella Davis is known for many things. Living on the central coast of Australia with her partner Liam, her fur-baby Freddy (and bearded dragon, Mikey), Bella has become a social media...

Healthy eating vs disordered eating. Is it a food rule or a food preference?

Posted By Chantal Blackman ,
We hear constant chatter about ‘healthy eating’, making the ‘right’ choice, doing the ‘right’ thing. Food talk is normalised amongst peers; comparing the latest titbits of information. But how do we...

Eat, love, live with ... Alanah Reilly

Posted By Michaela Skilney,
Sharing her life with her husband Sean and rescue dog Lola in sunny Meanjin/Brisbane, Queensland, we're thrilled to chat with Senior Accredited Exercise Physiologist and clinical supervisor Alanah...