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Raising funds & awareness for women's mental health

Posted By Michaela Skilney  

We had such a wonderful time raising funds and awareness for women's mental health as part of Liptember for the very first time this year. Joined by our friends Nic McDermid, Fiona Sutherland and the most on-theme party guest, Poppy King, our month-long efforts culminated in a lipstick themed lunch at Eat Live Love!

Every September the Liptember Foundation encourages people (like our dietitians, pictured) to wear lipstick throughout the month as a conversation starter to discuss the importance of understanding and developing new approaches to gender specific mental illness prevention, diagnosis, treatment, support services and programs. 

Our lipstick lunch was not only an opportunity for those present to reflect on and discuss the ways in which we can support the mental health of our clients and colleagues (while enjoying a delicious spread), we were able to raise $700 through attendance - and counting - for the Liptember Foundation and the incredible research they do!