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The Eat Love Live lounge at A Plus Market !

Posted By Michaela Skilney  
Some happy snaps direct from our 'chill out lounge' at last weekend's A Plus Market!

Located in the foyer of Coburg Town Hall, Eat Love Live set up a safe space for shoppers and stall holders to retreat to when they needed a relaxing moment away from the wild and wonderful events of the day. 

Michaela from client services, Dr Jessica Green (half of our Dance Therapy duo) and clinicians Marina, Naina, Bec and Jo spent time meeting, greeting and creating with like minded folk keen to spread the message of inclusivity far and wide.

One of the ways we encouraged this inviting the A Plus Market community to share the ways in they challenge diet culture with our clients back at the clinic in the form of an artwork - now proudly hanging in reception!

Congratulations to Sam Van Zweden on coordinating such a wonderful event and to the A Plus Market community for your generous art contributions, thoughtful conversations on the day and ongoing activism.