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International Conference on Eating Disorders (ICED) 2024

Posted By Michaela Skilney  

Eat Love Live dietitians Marina and Jo were lucky enough to attend the International Conference of Eating Disorders (ICED)  in New York.

Hosted by the Academy for Eating Disorders, the highlight was connection with amazing, like-minded colleagues - both known and new. There were fascinating plenaries, workshops, papers and posters to review and learn from..

Jo presented on a panel of experienced dietitians for the AED Nutrition SIG workshop, ‘Sharing the wisdom: Identifying obstacles and navigating challenges in providing effective nutrition’. Thank you to Fran from @Wise.Pinch for creating this panel of amazing dietitians with so much experience and to support emerging dietitians.

Eat Love Live presented a poster about ‘Creating inclusive eating disorder spaces’, featuring Exhale Consulting Suites and presented their ‘Radical client centred framework’ as a poster too!

We can’t wait to see what other innovations come from Marina and Jo’s time away - it’s often when resting or when having time away that creative juices can flow!