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All your questions answered about Movement classes at Eat Love Live!

Posted By Rebecca Gawler  

We're very excited for both new and existing clients to explore movement at Eat Love Live! Run by physiotherapist Rebecca Gawler, our new Movement Classes allow participants to experience movement in a safe, inclusive and judgement free space - minus diet talk and mirrors! Suitable for all bodies and ability levels, we've answered some of your most frequently asked questions below!

What should I wear?
Comfortable clothing that enables you to move around easily. This doesn't have to be 'activewear', please wear clothes that make you feel comfortable. We don't wear shoes during the classes so you are welcome to either wear socks or go barefoot.
What should I bring?
All mats and equipment is provided, but feel free to bring along your own mat if you prefer. A water bottle can be a good idea, but we have water available if you need. If the texture of foam mats is uncomfortable for you, please feel free to bring along a towel/material to place on top. 
What time should I arrive?
It is encouraged to arrive a few minutes before class starts to take off your shoes and get settled in before the class starts. 
Do I need a certain level of fitness/strength to come along?
Not at all! During the classes there will be lots of alternatives offered and you are welcome to rest and take breaks as much as you need.  
What if I have injuries, pain or chronic conditions/illness?
These classes can be adapted to accommodate for different injuries, pain or chronic conditions/illnesses. You are welcome to either fill in the movement class form beforehand so that Bec knows about your needs and can plan the class to suit. Or feel free to mention any limitations at the start of class. 
Are these classes sensory friendly?
We aim to set up an environment that is as sensory friendly as possible for these classes. This includes quiet instrumental music and access to fidget toys and a weighted blanket during the class. Feel free to bring along any of your own fidget toys, headphones or other tools to help with regulation.
Is this class appropriate if I'm in eating disorder recovery?
Yes, this class has been set up to cater for those in recovery, with no mirrors, no diet talk and additional guidance in listening to your body. However, please talk to your treatment team before commencing classes to ensure that participating is safe for your stage of recovery. 
I need accommodations, but don't like bringing it up at the start of class - what can I do?
Before the class, new participants will be sent an online movement class form. This form provides space to write down any accommodations or background information that you would like us to know. However, please don't feel like you need to fill in this form or share any information you are not comfortable disclosing. 
Click here to learn more about our Movement classes, including class times and pricing, or here to learn more about class facilitator, physiotherapist Rebecca Gawler.