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ANZAED 21st Annual Conference

Posted By Michaela Skilney  

A welcome break, some of the team headed to the Gold Coast to attend the 21 st Annual ANZAED ConferenceMax, Kess, Christie and Jo thawed out and soaked in the professional development and networking with like minded clinicians. 

Kess co- authored a poster with her team at Royal Melbourne Hospital Eating Disorders Unit. 

Reimagining an outpatient day program in an eating disorder service. The clinician experience of program reinvention in COVID times.

Max presented a fantastic workshop with Ari Spanos. A much needed workshop that was greatly attended and received.

The role of Gender Dysphoria in Eating Disorders across the Transgender and Gender Diverse Community.

Christie presented on another important topic not spoken about in conjunction with NEDC. 

Eating disorder presentations and practice considerations for fertility care.

Christie also had a Poster highlighting her work at Monash university.

Scoping Review: Global Prevalence And Educational Strategies To Address Eating Disorders And Predictors Of Eating Disorders In Nutrition And Dietetic University Students

There was lots of discussion, connecting, ideas, debate and laughter! Great to connect with so many people making such an effort to make a difference for people experiencing eating disorders.